Epic Games Has Bought Artstation, Drops Marketplace Fees To 12%

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Epic Games has officially purchased Artstation, the website that is seen as the go-to hub for professional artists in the video game industry to upload their portfolios to. Also used by a large number of art professionals in the film industry, the website allows users and fans to see just how much work goes into creating the visual architecture that studios use to define the style and tone of a video game.

As part of its business model, Artstation runs a marketplace that is full of learning tutorials and resources for professionals and amateur artists alike, who are all looking to expand their set of skills. Now that Epic has acquired the website, it has already dropped the standard marketplace fee from 30% to 12%, much like it did with the Epic Games Store and the revenue that game studios can earn from selling a game on its digital distribution platform.

Epic has also made tutorials in ArtStation’s learning section free until the end of the year, which include valuable lectures from artists such as Disney’s Kevin Lima and LucasFilm’s Terryl Whitlatch. Artstation says that it will continue to operate as an “independently branded platform owned by Epic Games.”

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