Epic Games Is Making Fortnite's Party Chat And Anti-Cheat Tools Free For Everyone

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Epic Games has pioneered numerous tools for online gaming, two of which it is now going to start distributing for free for any studios to utilize. The company’s anti-cheat software and cross-platform compatible chat solution is being added to the Epic Online Services suite, providing quick and easy access to any engine that is used for games across PC and consoles.

Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat isn’t a new tool, but it has previously only been licensed out by Epic to studios willing to pay. As the prevalence of cross-platform play has grown, Epic has seen the need to provide the software for free given how more and more games are letting players interact with PC–a platform where most cheating software is available.

This is the same anti-cheat software used in massive online games like Fortnite, which is a good example of how effective it can be. It isn’t perfect–cheaters still make it through while some players can be falsely flagged–but it’s likely one of the best solutions for studios that can’t pioneer their own.

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