Epic's Next Free Game Revealed

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The Epic Games Store’s weekly free games are continuing through 2020, and the current batch of free gamesKingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez–are available now. However, Epic has also revealed what game will take their place next week. The upcoming freebie is Faeria, a turn-based strategy and digital card game, and it will be free to claim starting February 20 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. If you’ve never claimed a free game from Epic, all you need is an account, which is also free to create. After claiming a game, it’ll be in your library forever.

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Faeria is a digital card-collecting strategy game where you build decks and shape the map as you battle, from building forests to filling lakes. The game has over 100 hours of solo content as well as co-op missions and puzzles. There’s even a draft mode called Pandora to test your deck-building skills against another player or an AI. Faeria also features an in-game tournament mode and regular esports competitions.

In Faeria, all cards can be unlocked through playing the game rather than microtransactions, and all 300 cards can be gained in less than 50 hours. The game also has a wide range of DLC, and each expansion adds additional cards, cosmetics, and more.

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