Escape From Tarkov Server Issues, Long Queue Times Persist, But The Devs Are Working On It

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If you’ve played Escape From Tarkov this past week, you’ve probably noticed particularly long queue times when waiting to load into a raid. These server issues have not gone unacknowledged by developer Battlestate Games. The team took to Twitter today to notify players of an update meant to reduce match loading times, but even after a series of technical updates and fixes, the frequent server outages persist.

Earlier today, Battlestate Games posted yet again that they are working on fixing the server issues. For updates on Escape From Tarkov’s server status, check back here for updates or consult Down Detector for moment-to-moment updates from the community.

Just a few weeks ago, Battlestate Games gave every player 1 million in-game roubles as an attempt to make up for lost time and gear resulting from server issues earlier in the month.

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