Escape From Tarkov's Interchange Map Is Getting A Rework

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Despite having been playable for almost three years, Escape From Tarkov is still in beta. The big disadvantage of playing a game that’s still in beta is that sometimes things change–a lot. In the case of Tarkov, that means they’ll soon have to rethink their strategies for the Interchange map.

While the preliminary patch notes don’t detail what changes are being made to the shopping center-themed map, PCGamesn has picked up that new exfil points are being added, meaning players will have a new set of exits to memorize.

The 0.12.4 patch will also add a number of features to make Tarkov’s survival mechanics even more punishing. A new addition to the stamina system is ‘fatigue’–if your character spends too much time with low stamina, the fatigue debuff will cause you to use energy more quickly.

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