Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and Windows 10 – Rare

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Sea of thieves is upon us and Rare and Microsoft are set to release a brand new shared world experience where you can be a pirate or just try and annoy your friends online. If you’ve missed out on the beta, we got you covered but if you’re unaware and just need to know some things about the game before taking the plunge (or walking the plank), this should have you covered.

How much does it cost?

Sea of Thieves is a full priced game for both Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. It costs £49.99.

Is it cross platform?

Yes, Sea of Thieves as with other Microsoft games now is a Play Anywhere title which means when you buy it digitally, you get a license that covers both Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms. If you buy it physically, you just get it on Xbox One. Servers are common for both platforms though.

Is there DLC for it?

At launch no DLC but they will introduce premium DLC in the form of pets later on. Rare will bring the option to spend money in game after a few months when the first expansion releases in the form of these pets. Rare doesn’t want anyone to be left behind and there won’t be loot boxes at least as of now.

How big is the download?

Since this is out on Windows 10, Xbox One (and One S), and Xbox One X, there are three different downloads. On Xbox One (and One S), the download size is the smallest at 9.16 GB. On Xbox One X, it is 18.73 GB and the Windows 10 version is the largest at 19.62 GB.

Can I preload it?

If you’re on Xbox One platforms, you can preload it. No preloading for Windows 10 sadly.

Can I play it offline?

No, this is a dynamic and reactive game with a multiplayer focus. You can’t play it offline.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold?

Yes, you need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Sea of Thieves.

Can I try it for free?

There isn’t a trial for it but if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can play it for free with an active subscription. If you haven’t tried Game Pass, start a trial for that and you can play Sea of Thieves for free.

What do you actually do?

You be a pirate basically as you traverse across an open world in a ship doing quests and collecting loot. You will engage in combat and the world is shared so you can encounter another group of players more than once.

How does it look and run?

It looks and runs fantastic. It may even have some of the best water in a game in a long time. Read our impressions for the closed beta here.

Can I play with friends?

You absolutely can and should because if the beta has been any indication, this will be much better with a group of friends.

Can I play alone?

Yes you can play it solo but this is much better with a group of friends.

Sea of Thieves is out now on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows 10. We will have a review for it soon. Sea you later.

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