Exclusive Cris Tales Gameplay Shows How Time Travel Alters Combat And Story

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Coming from co-developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK, Cris Tales presents a whimsical story and weaves in an unconventional approach to a high-fantasy adventure by giving players the ability to alter time at will. Earlier this year, we got a chance to check out an extensive look at the game. It wears its respect for the classics on its sleeve, yet it still presents several cool ideas of its own.

In this GameSpot exclusive, the developers of Cris Tales have shared an in-depth look at how Cris Tales’ approach to time travel adds a new dimension to exploration, storytelling, and the game’s turn-based combat. The story of Cris Tales focuses on the journey of Crisbell, a young adventurer who can alter the flow of time, allowing her to travel between three different time periods at will. In addition to exploring towns and interacting with characters across time, she can also use these abilities during battles to amplify her and her allies’ attacks and even weaken monsters by shifting the flow of time.

“We call [Cris Tales] our love letter to the classic JRPGs of the past,” said game producer Derek Neal in the walkthrough video. “And by that, we mean that this game takes a lot of inspiration from classics like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy IV and VI, Super Mario RPG, and more. But it also has a lot of its own style, personality and charm. Rather than just copying those games, we’ve done our best to build upon those elements that make them great.”

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