F1 2021's Reveals The Stars Of Its Braking Point Mode

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Codemasters’ F1 series of games have never been short on story elements as players created their own narrative for their custom racer, but this year’s entry in the long-running annual series features a new narrative component called Braking Point, and it stars a cast of new and returning characters.

In a blog post, Codemasters revealed who players will be able to play as in Braking Point. Aiden Jackson is described as a young and promising driver with talent that lifted him out of F2 and into F1, although he’s not yet sure of his place in the main event of motorsports. Contrasting Jackson’s turn as the newest rookie in F1 is his veteran teammate Casper Akkerman, described as having an ice-cold and no-nonsense approach to F1 as he struggles to remain at the top of his game while also realizing that his career is slowly coming to an end.

On the more antagonistic side of the cast is Devon Butler, a brash and talented driver who is determined to cement his legacy by any means possible. Over in the pits, Brian Doyle can be found, where he serves as the direct liaison to the team principal and spends a lot of his time as the go-between, passing on messages, race strategies, or ironing out any grievances within the team. Rounding out the cast is Zoe Akkerman, Casper’s wife and confidante.

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