Fall Guys Developer Teases Bomberman Collaboration

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Fall Guys makes for bombastic competition in any of its events, and now that theme is going to be immortalized with a set of new skins that will be added to the game soon. Developer Mediatonic took to Twitter to tease an “explosive” collaboration, with the game’s trademark beans draped in shadows that look a lot like the type of silhouette that Konami’s Bomberman would make if he’d recently put on some weight.

It’s a collaboration that makes obvious sense, as Super Bomberman R Online launches on May 27 for PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch. The Bomberman skins were also a badly-kept secret, as a leak earlier this month revealed that Tron and Nier Automata would also be crossing over to Fall Guys.

Tron’s grid-inspired cosmetics are already live in the game, in case you’d like to be reminded that this is the best use of the franchise since Disney failed to greenlight a second season of Tron: Uprising.

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