Fall Guys Season 3 Rewards The Most Competitive Players

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Fall Guys: Season 3 is bringing more than just new levels to the battle royale. The new season also adds crown ranks, a ranking system that focuses on how much players win. Rewards for winning more include new cosmetics like golden costumes.

“The more crowns you grab, the higher your crown rank rises,” reads a post on the PlayStation Blog that revealed the new feature. “And with it, players will unlock a world of curious and highly desirable rewards, including exclusive colors and patterns to leave other players in no doubt of your commitment to the bean cause.”

One of the most coveted rewards will be golden variants for costumes from previous seasons, like the knight and hot dog outfits. Mediatonic didn’t clarify how much work it would be to unlock these costumes, but the studio did say they were the most “prestigious addition(s)” to the game yet.

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