Fallout 4 Far Harbor fix coming to PS4 following performance issues – "Performance-sapping fog effect" blamed for framerate dips.

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Bethesda have confirmed that a resolution to the performance issues affecting Fallout 4′s Far Harbor DLC on PS4 is on the way.

The publisher tweeted that an official patch addressing the issues had been submitted to Sony for approval:

Digital Foundry recently published an article via Eurogamer discussing the various problems that the DLC had created, citing “a more aggressive use of a volumetric fog effect” in Far Harbor’s islands as the main reason for dramatic frame rate drops — falling as far as 15fps in some areas. Much of the new location is covered in this “performance-sapping fog effect”, causing the majority of outdoor areas to operate at this “distracting level of performance”.

It is unknown when exactly the patch will be made available, but it is expected to land later this week. The publisher will no doubt notify players when it goes live.

Source: God is Geek