Far Cry 6's NPC Amigos Are All Various Animals

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No regime change can ever be accomplished by one person, and in Far Cry 6, efforts to topple the dictatorship of Yara will require an “Amigo” on your side. Just don’t expect any of these recruits to be people, as all of Far Cry 6’s companions happen to be fangs for hire.

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session, world director Benjamin Hall confirmed that Far Cry 6’s Amigo roster would be made up of various species of rebellious animals, with the human element of the Yara insurrection coming from “like-minded” people that will join the fight.

“We focused on Amigos being animals for FC6, but that doesn’t mean you will always be fighting alone,” Hall said. “Yara is full of like-minded people that want to take the fight to Castillo and bring down the regime!”

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