Fast And Furious 9: 14 Ways Han Is Alive

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The trailer for F9, the ninth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise has arrived. While it’s given some insight into the plot of the upcoming film and revealed John Cena’s role in the story (he’s Dom’s brother? What?), all of that pales in comparison to a twist revealed at the end of the clip.

As the gang hangs out in their underground base, which we’re going to call the Furious Cave, a familiar face walks in. After being killed off in Fast & Furious 6, or so we thought, Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) is back. He simply walked into the Furious Cave snacking, per usual. “Nice clubhouse,” he said before giving Dom a hug.

With that one moment, our minds were completely blown. How did this happen? Where has Han been all this time? How does he fit into the story of F9? There are so many questions to be answered. We don’t want to wait for the May 22 release of the movie, though. So GameSpot has taken the liberty of trying to answer the biggest mystery: How is Han still alive?

Take a look below at our 14 best reasons we’re finally getting justice for Han in F9. Yes, they’re outlandish. This is the Fast & Furious franchise, though. If you’re not going way over-the-top, you’re not trying hard enough. Take a look at 14 potential ways Han is still alive before, then don’t miss out guide to everything we know about Fast & Furious 9.

F9 is in theaters on May 22.

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1. Han is a robot

This is going to sound weird, but what if this isn’t Han at all? What is this is a robot designed to look like Han? How is that more ridiculous than anything else that’s happened in these movies? Or perhaps Han was a robot the entire time, so when he “died,” he was actually just repaired and has been off doing something else this entire time. – Chris E. Hayner

2. Maybe he got the Hobbs & Shaw treatment

If he’s not a robot, he could potentially have survived thanks to the sort of cybernetic implants Brixton Lore (Idris Elba), the villain of Hobbs & Shaw, that turned him into “black Superman.” Maybe this enhanced version of Han is practically indestructible. – Chris E. Hayner

3. Han was never actually dead

It’s entirely possible Han never died. After all, everyone in Dom’s family is practically a superhero at this point. That does beg the question, though, of who Dom and the crew buried at the funeral held for Han in Furious 7. – Chris E. Hayner

4. Han is secretly the villain

When Hobbs & Shaw hit theaters, there was plenty of speculation that Han was the mysterious director behind Eteon, the super-creepy evil organization that created the enhanced Brixton. What if Han is not only behind that, but all of the evil from throughout the Fast Saga? Han could be the biggest movie villain of all time. – Chris E. Hayner

5. This is actually Han’s long-lost twin brother Shawn

John Cena plays Dom’s long-lost brother in F9. What if Han also has a long-list brother than happened to look exactly like him? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Shawn Seoul-Oh, international car thief or something. – Chris E. Hayner

6. This Han is from another earth in the multiverse

If the Arrow-verse has taught us anything, it’s that there are many earths out there, each with their own set of characters. That’s practically a fact now, right? What if this Han is actually from Fast & Furious Earth-2? The big question now is whether he traveled here through some kind of portal or if all of the earths were merged in some kind of crisis we’ll learn more about in Fast & Furious 10. – Chris E. Hayner

7. Han is the Palpatine-like overlord of the galaxy

Seriously, we want this one if only so the movie opens with a crawl that says, “THE DEAD SPEAK…” Who’s the Rey? Is it Dom, and John Cena’s new character is Kylo Ren? Will Cena turn his back on Han’s Palpatine at the end to kiss Dom then die? No, that would be ridiculous. That’s the kind of thing they’d save for the tenth movie in the franchise. – Chris E. Hayner

8. The Gods of Cars reincarnated him into another Han body

Han’s death was unwarranted, unjust, and the most tragic moment in Tokyo Drift, aside from Bow Wow selling random objects in the streets of Japan. However, upon his death, Han’s spirit ascended to the heavens, and he gazed upon the God of Cars and NOS. The deity looked down upon Han, snacking away on some bagged chips and said, “Your time on Earth is not over. You must go back and show the world how to make snacking look effortless.” Han returned to his body–which had been magically put back together–and that was that. Also, Han has superpowers now. -Mat Elfring

9. Han is obviously the God of Cars and can’t be killed

We’ve already established that the God of Cars is totally canon within the Furiousverse. So it makes sense that Han could in fact be the manifestation of that god but sent to Earth in order to show people how to drift properly. When Shaw blew up his car at the end of Tokyo Drift–which happens after Fast & Furious 6–Han traversed the astral plane, with his body, and then came back to Earth after the dust had settled. -Mat Elfring

10. Han faked his own death because he wanted to eat in peace

Han likes to snack, something established very clearly in Tokyo Drift. However, training Sean Boswell to drift was his last straw. Han wanted a simple life, away from all the action and drama of the world. Plus, with Giselle’s death still fresh in his mind, Han needed an escape. So he hired Deckard Shaw to kill him, and Han went into the mountains with a van full of various bagged snacks, and he lived there for years. However, he found in his isolation that being alone wasn’t what he needed. He needed those family values Dom hammered into his brain for years. Han decided to return, but only after a haircut. Also, Han has superpowers now. -Mat Elfring

11. Han is the physical manifestation of the Speed Force

This one sort of speaks for itself. Perhaps the Han we see now isn’t Han, but rather a Speedster version that has all the powers of the Speed Force. In this instance, his superhero name should be Justice. There’s only so far “driving fast cars” can go as a genre. Might as well dip into sci-fi. – Chris E. Hayner

12. Mother Shaw has figured out how to bring humans back from the dead

She’s got to be back in this movie for some reason, right? What if Deckard and Owen’s mum, Queenie Shaw (Hellen Mirren), found a way to reanimate corpses and restore life? Now only does that promise an eventual Fast & Furious horror movie, but it gives an interesting reason for Han’s return. Spoilers: She did it using NOS. – Chris E. Hayner

13. Han is actually just a holographic AI that exists only in the Furious Cave

What’s the one thing the Fast family is missing? That’s right, a JARVIS. The AI system essentially ran all of Tony Stark’s operations as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before he evolved into Vision. What if–stay with us–this Han is actually a hologram and artificial intelligence system. It builds them cars, tells when where and how to drive, and keeps the operation moving forward as Dom tried to kill his brother for two-and-a-half hours. – Chris E. Hayner

14. Tokyo Drift and the mid-credit sequence of Fast & Furious 6 were all a dream

Everyone has nightmares, even someone as amazing as Han. While the majority of the events of the Fast & Furious franchise happened, Tokyo Drift never did–and neither did Deckard Shaw’s assassination of our favorite character. Han found himself awake in his own bed after this nightmare and went into the bathroom to find Patrick Duffy in his shower. Duffy assured him everything was alright, and Han went back to work with Dom and company. Does this create a ton of plotholes? Sure, but whatever. Also, Han has superpowers now. -Mat Elfring

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