Final Fantasy XIV has now crossed 10 million players worldwide – Best modern FF game

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Square Enix just announced that FFXIV has crossed 10 million players.

This number is cumulative and it does include free trial accounts. Regardless, Stormblood has been fantastic and the constant barrage of content updates in between big expansions has made Eorzea even better. Patch 4.06 for FFXIV begins the annual Moonfire Fiare seasonal event with new quests and a face off against Ultros.

I will never stop gushing about the soundtrack in FFXIV because the soundtrack while vast, is also focussed and beats out most soundtracks in the last decade. My current favourite tune is below:

If you aren’t familiar with FFXIV, there’s a free trial that lets you play until level 35. Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is available on PlayStation 4, Mac, and Windows.

Source: God is Geek