Find Out Who Has The Power In Netflix's Masters Of The Universe Revelation Part Two Trailer

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Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, helmed by Kevin Smith, ignited a new passion for the fanbase–and brought some criticism for “misleading” fans. When we left off of Part One, Adam was killed by Skeletor, who had then taken control of the Power of Grayskull to become the new version of Skelegod.

In this new trailer for Part Two, out November 23, we see that Adam hasn’t just been resurrected, but also we’re given new insight into how the Power and the Sword of Grayskull actually work together. Check out the footage below.

Admittedly, there’s a lot going on with this trailer. Obviously the little things like Queen Marlena going back to her pilot roots and actually flying a Wind Raider, but also Teela taking her place as the new Sorceress of Grayskull. Lastly, as was announced with the toy reveal, we do actually get Adam transforming into Savage He-Man laying the smackdown on Skelegod.

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