For AEW's Jake Hager, Blood And Guts Is The Inner Circle's Redemption

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On Wednesday, May 5, AEW Dynamite will present the first-ever Blood and Guts match. While we don’t know the exact rules for the War Games-esque bout, it will involve a massive cage structure and see two factions–The Inner Circle and the Pinnacle–face off to hopefully end their vicious feud once and for all. For Inner Circle member Jake Hager, though, this match has even more meaning. According to him, it’s about redemption.

It all stems back to the March 10 episode of AEW Dynamite, where Inner Circle members MJF and Wardlow betrayed the group and launched a rival faction in the Pinnacle. They then laid waste to the Inner Circle, a group that has been a cornerstone of AEW since its inception. Since that moment, Hager admits the Inner Circle has been taking stock of how to re-establish itself.

“That’s a humbling moment. I mean, anytime you make a mistake, you need to sit back, humble yourself, and look at the reasons that caused it,” he said during an appearance on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot’s wrestling podcast. “I look at the other four members of the Inner Circle as men. Real men can admit their mistakes and learn from them, grow from them, be better from them, stronger from them. And I think that’s what we’re really eager to prove is that we are better, we are stronger. But we have to show you for you guys to believe that.”

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