Fortnite 16.50 Patch Notes Tease A Returning Fan Favorite

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Fortnite update 16.50 launches tomorrow, May 25, and it’s expected to be the final update of the season. In its usually vague way, Epic has teased what’s in store with the Fortnite 16.50 patch notes.

At the forefront of the patch is the return of a mysterious “fan favorite” item, which Epic says will be unvaulted. According to dataminers, the item is likely to be the Dual Pistols, to coincide with this week’s leaked Legendary Quest which asks players to deal damage with the Dual Pistols.

The short patch notes also allude to players in Creative mode gaining access to bigger area maps to play around with, which might make creating NBA Creative modes bigger and better this week. Patch 16.50 will also lay the ground work for the next Wild Weeks theme, which seems to focus on Gold Bars. It’s likely the theme this week will give players more Gold Bars, either in chests and floor loot, or for completing NPC challenges.

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