Fortnite 18.20 Patch Notes Include More Unvaulted Weapons

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The Fortnite 18.20 patch notes have arrived, and they reveal a new community poll that will determine Season 8’s next unvaulted weapon. Alongside that major headline, the patch also includes quality-of-life fixes for Impostors mode, bug fixes in battle royale, and more. Here’s everything in the Fortnite 18.20 update.

The War Effort – Combat Assault Rifle Versus Combat SMG

After fans overwhelmingly voted to unvault the Shockwave Launcher earlier this season, now they can vote once more to see the return of one of two fan-favorite offensive weapons. The Combat Assault Rifle and Combat SMG are the subject of J.B. Chimpanski’s latest “War Effort,” and fans with an opinion on the matter can contribute gold bars at War Effort boards around the island.

The first weapon to be fully funded by players will appear in the game shortly after and subsequently will be found as loot in future matches this season, while the other item will stay in the vault. These “combat” variants look similar to their already present counterparts on the island, but they actually pack a better punch thanks to improved power and bullet spread, though they thus suffer a stronger recoil and must be handled with care.

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