Fortnite 18.30 Patch Notes Bring A Fix For The Scythe Fall Damage Bug

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The Fortnite 18.30 patch notes have arrived, which means a host of new content is now in the game and awaiting players. Among the major headlines are a crucial bug fix, a makeover for several parts of the island, and the promise of a new unvaulted item. Players will once again have their say in which item becomes the next to be unvaulted, but act fast. These tend to unfold in just a day or so. Here’s everything in the Fortnite 18.30 patch notes.

The War Effort – Boogie Bomb Versus Combat Shotgun

After voting into existence the Combat Assault Rifle and Shockwave Launcher, Fortnite players now have the opportunity to contribute once more to J. B. Chimpanski’s war effort. This time, the spacefaring chimp is wondering whether to bring back the Boogie Bomb or the Combat Shotgun.

While the Combat Shotgun is probably self-explanatory, the Boogie Bomb is maybe unfamiliar if you’re a more recent Fortnite devotee. The Boogie Bomb performs an area-of-effect attack when thrown and makes anyone within range dance to disco music for several seconds, leaving them open to attack. Though the involuntary dancer can still run around and jump, they can’t fire a gun, take cover, or build. Then again, the bomb does not discern the thrower from the target, so a poor throw can mean you and your opponent will share a dance together. How romantic.

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