Fortnite And Among Us Collaboration Teased As Epic Acknowledges Impostors' Inspiration

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When Epic introduced Fortnite Impostors mode over the summer, some people criticized the game for lifting so much from indie darling Among Us, including Innersloth, the game’s tiny team that felt blindsided by the new game mode. But now it looks like Epic and Innersloth may be on good terms, and the two are even teasing a collaboration.

After this morning’s 18.20 patch notes already included direct mentions of Among Us and Innersloth, the two companies have now been seen chatting openly on Twitter in an exchange surely meant to turn heads. In it, the two agree to collaborate on something in the future, which likely means a more formal agreement has been made out of the public eye.

Fortnite Impostors mode launched earlier this year and acted as Epic’s first official foray into the social deduction genre, following last December’s fan-made Spy Within mode which Epic tied to its Holiday 2020 event. Impostors mode was an immediate hit with many fans for both its gameplay and lore, but an obvious and understandable target for criticism among others.

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