Fortnite Cube Queen Skin And Challenges: Where To Find A Shadow Stone, Bounty Board, And More

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The Fortnite Cube Queen skin hasn’t been a well-kept secret for a few weeks now, but we are finally able to unlock it ourselves. The Cube Queen skin has arrived, and with her comes a number of challenges that will get you her complete cosmetic set. That set includes two variant styles, lobby music, and a lot more. Here’s how to complete all Cube Queen challenges so you can claim the final pieces of the Season 8 battle pass.

Fortnite Cube Queen Challenges And Cosmetics

The Cube Queen is here to have her way with the island.
The Cube Queen is here to have her way with the island.

The Cube Queen’s quest log should be familiar to anyone who has chased a prior season’s secret skin, like Superman or Wolverine. To unlock the complete Cube Queen set, you’ll need to complete a number of challenges. Each one is related to a different part of her cosmetic set, and completing all eight challenges will eventually get you everything she has to offer. Here are the Cube Queen challenges, as well as what they each unlock.

Cube Queen Rewards – Page 1

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