Fortnite Earns Almost Half Its Revenue On PS4, According To New Court Documents

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Fortnite has unsurprisingly been a massive money-maker for Epic Games in the years since it first launched, and out of all the platforms that the game is currently available on it looks like the PlayStation 4 accounts for almost half of the revenue that is regularly brought in.

Court documents from Epic’s current legal battle with Apple that were spotted by The Verge have revealed that that PS4 generated up to 46.8% of Fortnite’s total revenues from March 2018 through July 2020, followed closely by Xbox One as the second-highest platform at 27.5%.

On mobile devices, Fortnite still pulls in a fairly substantial amount of revenue but iOS is ranked fifth overall with just 7% of total revenue earned. The rest of the 18.7% pie is distributed between Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and PC. In 2020, that share for iOS was even smaller and was projected to be at around 5.8% according to a new deposition (PDF) of Epic Games employee and senior programmer who works on the backend services for Fortnite, David Nikdel.

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