Fortnite Has Made $1 Billion From Microtransactions On Mobile Alone

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Fortnite continues to be a huge success for Epic Games, and new figures show that it has done extraordinarily well on mobile. According to Sensor Tower, two years after launch, Fortnite on mobile has now made a total of $1 billion in revenue.

This figure does not take into account how well the game has done on PC or consoles, so the game’s total revenue would be much higher.

The game’s fast success has likely been exacerbated by the current global COVID-19 pandemic, as there was a huge spike in sales and installments in April 2020. The month saw the game bring in $44.3 million and 6 million new installs, both records for the past year (the second-best month for installs in the 12-month period is December 2019, when it was installed 3 million times).

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Source: Game Spot Mashup