Fortnite Hosted A Travis Scott Concert, Here’s How It Went

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Epic has pulled off another historic gaming event, hosting a massive collaborative concert with Travis Scott live in Fortnite. Each of Epic’s live events have outdone the previous ones, by some measurements, with the Travis Scott raising the bar for future Fortnite events.

The event has been set for a week now, with players able to see a stage being constructed in-game at the Sweaty Sands Beach, growing more elaborate as the week progressed. Eventually, a black stage had been built over the water, with massive, inflatable gold Travis Scott heads floating around it.

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Players congregated in-game to watch the concert, wasting time beforehand by killing one another. A planet-size orb appeared on a round screen in the sky, floating towards the players until eventually exploding in an impressive manner to signal the start of the concert.

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