Fortnite June Crew Pack Includes Mecha Cuddle Master Skin

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The Fortnite June Crew Pack has been revealed, and as expected, the Mecha Cuddle Leader featured in May’s bonus Crew items now gets their own starring role as a brand-new Fortnite skin. Along with Mecha Cuddle Leader’s pink mech suit comes their matching accessories to complete the set for Fortnite’s latest Crew-only bundle.

Mecha Cuddle Leader is a reimagining of the fan-favorite Cuddle Team Leader, which has become something of a long-standing mascot for Fortnite since they were first revealed in 2018’s Season 2. There have been similar spin-offs of the character since then, but the Crew Pack for June marks the first time the Cuddle Team will be represented with a metal weaponized emote machine like Mecha Cuddle Leader.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup