Fortnite Living Loot Llamas: How To Catch New Fortnite Llamas

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Loot Llamas have come to life in Fortnite Season 7, making their massive resource caches a bit tougher to obtain, but with some guidance, you’ll be chasing them down like scenes from a nature documentary. Here’s what you need to know about new Living Loot Llamas.

How To Catch Living Loot Llamas

Loot Llamas are on the move in Fortnite Season 7.
Loot Llamas are on the move in Fortnite Season 7.

Coming upon a Loot Llama in Fortnite is always a momentous occasion due to its rarity and its plentiful loot inside. In past seasons, you’d merely have to approach a Loot Llama and interact with it for a few seconds. The only risk was leaving yourself exposed to enemy fire for a brief moment. The Llama itself was a stationary piñata. But that’s not the case in Fortnite Season 7. Now you’ll need to chase them, because as soon as you get close, they will take off running.

Fortunately, these new Living Loot Llamas drop loot every few feet as they dash away, so if you’re satisfied with what they’ve already, uh, let’s say deposited, you can end your pursuit there, but it benefits you greatly to chase them down further. Loot Llamas have a lot of HP, so you’ll want to pour into it with whatever you’ve got for weapons. Similar to sharks, it’s going to take a few clips–and ideally some teamwork–to bust the Loot Llama open.

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