Fortnite Map: 10 Landmark Locations For Chapter 2 Challenge

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Fortnite: Chapter 2 might have new ways to level up your Battle Pass, but it still offers challenges to complete for XP that helps you level up more quickly and get those new skins. Chapter 2’s launch has brought a set of “New World” challenges that are available to all players, paid Battle Pass or not, and among the three that are revealed immediately is one that asks you to discover landmarks. You’ll need to find 10 landmarks total, but the locations aren’t listed on the in-game map–and with the map itself being new, you may wonder where you need to go.

Fortunately, this challenge isn’t especially difficult because there are more than 10 landmarks on the map. That said, you can’t revisit the same landmark in different matches–you’ll actually need to hunt down 10 different ones, be it in one match or across multiple rounds. Simply approaching a landmark should cause its name to pop up in the corner of the screen, which is all you need to do to register progress for the challenge.

Fortnite Landmark Locations

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Landmarks are all around the map: They’re essentially named locations, but smaller. You won’t find them on the map, but wandering around on roads and paths away from named locations is generally the best way to find them. If you look at your in-game map, you’ll see it slowly revealed as you explore during Chapter 2 for the first time. As such, you can head to a place that you know you haven’t been and, odds are, you’ll stumble upon a landmark.

Alternatively, you can check out our locations map above, which points out many of the landmarks that we’ve been able to confirm. As already noted, there are more than 10 on the map, and any 10 will do, but this map should help to ensure you find enough to complete the challenge. Doing so will allow you to reveal more of the New World challenges and, after completing eight total from this set, will net you a new loading screen.

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