Fortnite Parking Tickets Are Getting Ridiculous

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Fortnite’s Joy Ride update was one of the battle royale’s best batches of new content in recent memory. It added semi-realistic sports cars, trucks, and sedans that are more fun to mess around with compared to Fortnite’s previous set of vehicles. So it’s a shame that you can’t actually drive them all.

A good number of cars spread across the map are locked with a yellow boot. It’s almost as if there is some sort of secret parking enforcement agency working extra hard to prevent players from having fun. Nothing ruins a plan to escape the storm faster than finding a car parked in the middle of nowhere with a boot on its tire. Some players have gotten so annoyed that they’ve asked Epic to add bolt cutters, an item that could break the boots, to the battle royale.

What’s even worse is that Epic Games removed helicopters from the game at the beginning of Season 5. Mudflaps, the big semi-trucks, had also been removed due to a bug that made players invisible. Mudflaps have now been re-added to the game, but it seems like there are fewer ways to get around the map with every update. At least the Operation Snowdown Winter added the X-4 Stormwing planes back to the game.

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