Fortnite Season 8: How To Complete A Sideways Encounter

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In Fortnite Season 8, you’ll need to complete a Sideways encounter to finish off Torin’s questline in your punch card menu. This challenge has left some players stumped–and probably for a few different reasons. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about completing this challenge, as well as why you might be stuck waiting a while to even try.

Fortnite Sideways Zones Versus Anomalies

As we broke down in our Season 8 map changes guide, the biggest differences are the creation of Sideways Anomalies and Sideways Zones. You’ll easily spot the Zones in your travels because they’re the enormous opaque orange bubbles that flare up in randomized POIs with every match. These Zones stay put all game long and players can enter and exit them as they desire. Think of Sideways Zones as places where this monster-filled dimension spills into the island’s native dimension.

Anomalies, on the other hand, are portals to The Sideways. This is where loopers can instead travel to The Sideways. In an Anomaly, there is a defined beginning (when you enter) and end (when you defeat the waves of enemies). You can track your progress with the progress bar at the top of your screen that appears during every Anomaly encounter.

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