Fortnite Season 8: IO Outposts And IO Guard Locations

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In Fortnite Season 8, the Imagined Order (IO) has been usurped by the mysterious cubes, but you can still find IO guards and new IO outposts on the island in a few specific places. This is crucial information for several quests in Charlotte’s questline, as she is investigating the IO all season long. Here’s where to find IO guards and IO outposts.

Fortnite Season 8 IO Guard Locations

Though all but one dish station was left untouched by the Mothership crash, the IO has abandoned its monitoring stations in favor of new outposts. They still want to have a presence on the island, but it seems they no longer need their satellite dishes as all current threats are at ground level.

You’ll find a pair of IO guards at every IO outpost–provided other players didn’t get there first–and we’ve found several of these outposts across the island so far. It’s possible the IO will continue to expand their presence as the season and storyline go on in Fortnite Season 8, but for now, here’s where you can find IO outposts:

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