Fortnite Skin Leak Roundup: Spider-Man, The Matrix, And More

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The more things change–like the incoming Fortnite Chapter 3 map–the more they stay the same–like the stream of licensed crossover Fortnite skins that we now see on almost a weekly basis. With so much happening in the Fortnite world right now, it’s understandable if you’ve lost track of everything going on in Epic’s burgeoning metaverse. For now, let’s catch up on the rumored and leaked Fortnite skins for the months ahead, which include sought-after characters like Spider-Man and Neo from The Matrix.

Fortnite Spider-Man skin

Fortnite fans have been expecting a Spider-Man skin for years, and the likelihood of it happening is all but guaranteed given the years-long content plans already in place between Marvel and Epic Games. The pair clearly know what they’re doing in dragging out the release of a Spider-Man skin. One must save that for a very special moment. According to one usually reliable leaker, @ShiinaBR, the crossover everyone wants is set for Chapter 3, and may even arrive alongside the debut of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which hits theaters on December 17.

Shiina followed up that initial tease and added that, according to his sources, the webslinger will arrive in Chapter 3, Season 1 specifically, which is set to launch sometime in the days after the Chapter 2 finale event on December 4. It’ll be interesting to see which iteration of Spidey Fortnite starts with. Like Batman, we anticipate many versions of Marvel’s adored hero to arrive in Fortnite over the years ahead, but if the arrival really does coincide with the new movie, it may be safer to expect the MCU version of the hero to launch first–perhaps even with an Iron-Spider alternate skin.

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