Fortnite XP Gains Increased For The Fourth Time In Two Weeks

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Fortnite XP gains have been buffed yet again, marking the fourth time in the last 15 days that Epic has tended to the game’s leveling balance by increasing XP earned through challenges. After a slow start to the season for XP gains, Epic has tweaked the amount of earned XP not just several times, but by a heck of a lot.

Just yesterday, the Fortnite 18.20 patch notes once again buffed XP gains. This time it was daily challenges, which increased by 50%, or from 30,000 XP per challenge to 45,000 XP. To top it all off, today’s newest change buffs weekly XP by the same rate. Players now earn 75,000 XP per weekly challenge, up from 50,000 most recently. This was the one challenge category that actually got nerfed in the 18.10 patch, but today’s totals still outweigh even the season’s starting rate of 65,000 XP per weekly challenge.

Previously in the 18.10 patch notes, just two weeks ago, Epic adjusted challenge XP and in turn, nearly doubled most of the daily and punchcard gains players would receive for completing their quests. Then last week, gains for repeatable Party Quests were given even more XP after starting the year offering none. Previous to the 18.10 patch, completing Party Quests would award only gold bars after you did them for the first time. Today players earn between 2,500 and 3,750 XP, depending on the quest, which they can pick up from NPCs and repeat ad nauseum.

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