Fortnite's Mandalorian Is A Menace

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The Mandalorian is playing a big role in Fortnite Season 5. He’s come to the battle royale as an NPC and attacks players who approach his ship on sight. Those who manage to kill him can pick up his mythic sniper rifle and jetpack–there is only one of each in every match. He’s come to be a thorn in the side of players all over the map.

The bounty hunter originally spawned close to the Razor Crest crash landing site near the center of the map, where he guards a piece of Beskar that players needed to collect. A recent update gave the bot multiple spawn locations–some players have found him swimming in rivers, fighting the IO Guards, and sneaking up on them with his signature thermal rifle. He’s left his ship behind.

“This dude legit showed up at Pleasant Park and steamrolled the IO Guards there,” said Redditor unlocked_. “I didn’t know he could move that far until now. I was so confused.”

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Source: Game Spot Mashup