Fortnite's NPCs Are Interesting And Useless Punching Bags

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The beginning of Fortnite’s latest season saw 40 non-playable characters scattered around the map for players to find. Every NPC can give players quests and items, and some can even join your team and help you fight. This is a big change for the battle royale–it’s something Epic Games has been working towards for some time.

Computer-controlled characters–including bot players, Marvel heroes, recruitable henchmen, and more–have continuously been added to the game over the past couple of years. Epic has used these characters to help diversify the experience players have from match to match. The studio is leaning heavily into using these characters, but players want more from them.

One of Season 5's NPCs
One of Season 5’s NPCs

Epic Games has inserted some sort of computer-controlled character into many of Fortnite’s seasons, especially after the launch of Chapter 2. They’ve roamed the map randomly looking for players to kill as the Marauders, acted as security for Midas and crew in Season 2, and most recently supported Dr. Doom and Iron Man (who are also AI-controlled) at their respective named locations during Season 4. Sometimes they just hang around for no reason.

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