Freaks And Geeks Hits Hulu On January 25

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Hulu has announced that starting on January 25, fans of Paul Feig’s coming-of-age high school drama Freaks and Geeks will be able to stream the show on the platform. The streaming service also confirmed that its original soundtrack will remain intact.

The show was previously available on other networks and platforms, like FXX and Netflix. However, due licensing disputes, these brief revivals of Freaks and Geeks contained altered scenes where music cues were changed and an almost entirely different score. This wasn’t the case for those who own Freaks and Geeks on DVD, which retains its iconic soundtrack. This is a big deal, as the show’s music is performed by artists like Billy Joel, Grateful Dead, The Who, and Van Halen, all musicians who really help set the tone for Freaks and Geeks’ setting.

According to The A.V. Club, Hulu confirmed that with bringing this iconic drama back to television, the streaming platform was able to secure the show’s original soundtrack.

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