Fresh Dark Souls 3 footage shows off new boss and location

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Some freshly leaked Dark Souls 3 footage has surfaced online, and appears show off a never-before-seen boss and location, as well providing new details about character creation and weapon equipping. If you’re planning to go in totally blind, we suggest you look away now.

Posted to YouTube by user sherlock_kjs, the off-camera footage set in Firelink Shrine shows a new boss supposed called Judge Gundy (which the player beats with incredible ease). A new NPC is also shown called Blacksmith Andre, who can repair your weapon, alter it, strengthen it as well as provide you with Estus Flasks, upgrade your Estus flasks and converse with you. New stats have also been added, with Luck appearing for the first time and Focus replacing Attunement.

According to the NeoGAF thread which the video was posted to, other details were announced during a Q&A:

  • Dark Souls III will have global servers.
  • Summoning co-op partners will use a password system, like Bloodborne.
  • Level-based matchmaking.
  • In-game voice chat.
  • Appearance can’t be changed, but you can change stats.
  • Can warp between bonfires without returning to base.
  • 3 slots per arm for weapons.
  • FP gauge is for magic as well as melee specials.
  • Enemies do not despawn when killed repeatedly.
  • Japanese PC version is not releasing until April 12.

Watch the footage above, and see some screen caps below in the gallery.

Blacksmith Andre



Source: God is Geek