Friday The 13th: The Game's Final Patch Notes Signal The End Of Jason's Reign Of Terror

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Unable to add any new content to Friday the 13th: The Game, developer Black Tower Entertainment–original developer Illfonic has since moved on to Predator: Hunting Grounds–has prepared a final patch that will go live on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch versions of the game on May 4.

Players can expect sliding and teleporting exploits from combat stance to be fixed, hiding under the bed will no longer result in an error where players would be stuck in that position, and the loss of pocket knives in circumstances when firecrackers have been used has been fixed.

The rest of the patch notes largely deal with housekeeping issues related to safe spots that players had used to avoid Jason, clothing option fixes, and the restoration of Tommy Jarvis’ voice lines to remind you about the beef between him and Jason.

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