G4TV Returns November 16

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G4, the gaming-focused TV network that shut down in 2014, is coming back this November. The network has announced it will return on November 16, which is right smack in the middle of the busy holiday season. The announcement video is full of jokes about the past year in gaming, poking fun at how the Xbox Series X looks like a mini-fridge, the PS5 supply issues, and the Switch OLED not being the 4K upgrade some might have hoped for.

“But there’s one big announcement that gamers have been asking for because we’ve been stringing them along for freakin’ ever. The launch of G4. We’re committed for realzies,” the announcement trailer says.

The new version of G4 is bringing back original X-Play host Adam Sessler and Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira, while WWE’s Xavier Woods will host some segments, too. The full programming schedule is unknown at this point, but the “Sessler’s Soapbox” segment will return. New hosts Froskurinn and Ovilee May will run the segment called The Bleep Esports Show, which focuses on competitive gaming.

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