Gadgets to Look Out for in 2017

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2017 is finally here, and with the year starting with the CES 2017 show in Las Vegas, we get to see all the new tech heading our way this year. With the future full of interesting concepts like multi-screen laptops and 8K televisions, what are the gadgets that will truly inspire us in 2017? We put together a little list to find out.

The Latest iPhone

This year we’ll see the release of iPhone 8, and it will be the Apple phone’s 10th anniversary. Will the company give us something special? It’s about time for the phone to get an overhaul and for Apple to give us something a little special, and there are signs that this is in fact what they’ll give us. Whether we use the device as a phone or a way to play the latest Candy Crush Saga clone, or even  download the latest casino app like the one from, this may be the device to look out for.

Samsung’s Answer to Apple

Samsung had a rocky 2016 to say the least, and the controversy over the Galaxy Note 7 has left them reeling. With the release of the Galaxy S8 this year, expect them to come back swinging. Chances are we’ll get to see what will be coming in the S8 in February with the Mobile World Congress trade show. With rumours of 8K high-resolution displays and improved cameras, it seems Samsung fans won’t be disappointed.

Foldable Phones

We’ve seen the concept designs for this in previous years, but it seems that 2017 could be the year that the foldable smartphone finally becomes a reality for consumers. Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo and some other companies are expected to have news on these products, so it’ll be interesting to see what they give us.

Virtual Reality

There is already interesting news coming out of CES 2017 about Virtual Reality, including the headsets finally going wireless. If this is the year that VR becomes big, it has to start really making a mark in the technology sector. With the possibility of the HTC Vive 2 making an appearance in 2017, it looks like there could be big news heading our way for VR in 2017.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches made an impact in 2016, but look for them to further improve in 2017. With the arrival of Android Wear 2.0 there will be new watches from a number of companies based on this operating system.

There are many other technological advances coming in 2017, which will make it a very interesting year for fans of cutting-edge gadgets. With some interesting tech coming out already, it is fair to say we’ve never had it so good.

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