Game of Thrones Star Is Not Dead, Despite What You Might Have Heard

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Online, news of the Game Of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s (Jamie Lannister) death has been circulating, with various Danish news sources incorrectly claiming that the actor has died. These news stories are of course not true, as explained by the man himself.

Understandably irritated at finding out about his death in this way, the actor took to Instagram to voice his anger at those behind the false rumors.

“Fake news, we hear about it all the time,” Coster-Waldau says. “Now, in Denmark, apparently there’s a story.. er.. that’s been floating around various websites. And It looked like a news story, and the news was that I… had died… Click on the story and go buy some shit. I’m fine, but what the fu… I mean, come on…Imagine if my daughters, my wife, my family had seen that headline?

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