Get A Massive 4TB Samsung SSD For $100 Off During Prime Day

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By far the worst part of PC gaming is running out of space to store your games, but thanks to this Prime Day 2021 deal, those problems may be a thing of the past. Amazon currently has a sale on Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSDs, including their 4TB SKU, which is currently at a historically low price. This is a Prime-exclusive discount that ends tonight alongside the sale.

A massive 4TB of SATA SSD storage will cost you just $322 today instead of $430, making for a total discount of 25%. If a drive that large isn’t what you’re looking for, other sizes are on sale as well. The two terabyte model is currently on sale for $180, down from $220, while the one terabyte version will only cost $90 instead of $120. If you really, really need a ton of storage, you can also get the eight terabyte model of Samsung’s 870 QVO SSD for $100 off right now, although that still leaves its price at a whopping $750.

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