Get Halo Infinite Double XP By Eating Pringles And Pop-Tarts

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Microsoft is teaming up with Kellogg’s for a special promotion where you can get double XP in Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite is making changes to how you progress in Halo Infinite through challenges instead of direct XP, but the game still has XP, a spokesperson told GameSpot.

“It’s still called XP in Halo Infinite, and you can earn XP toward Battle Pass progression by completing challenges,” a representative said.

Eat snacks, get double XP
Eat snacks, get double XP

As part of the promotion, people who buy specially marked Pringles, Cheeze-Its, Pop-Tarts, and Bear Naked granola can get codes to unlock double XP when Infinite launches in December. This promotion begins September 15 and runs until January 31. Once the campaign begins, you can upload your receipt here to claim double XP.

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