Google Stadia AMA Explains Exactly What It Will Do Out Of The Box

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Google Stadia is less than a week from launch, and Google is still answering questions about the game-streaming service. The company took part in a Reddit AMA, explaining more details on topics ranging from the launch roll-out to family controls and Google Home connectivity.

The most pressing question from fans was the roll-out plan, especially given the recent revelation that those who pre-ordered may not get theirs on launch day. However, the rep notes that Stadia is a service, not just a box, so you can create your account and start playing in your browser as soon as you get an invite code via email. The emails will be sent when your unit ships. The community manager even offered to deliver one in the Bay Area personally on launch day.

Other tidbits were scattered throughout the AMA. Several features were confirmed for day one, but some will be limited in various ways. Family Link will allow you to set parental controls right out of the box, but Family Sharing won’t come until early 2020. Until then you’ll have to buy your kids’ games separately inside their own account. You can also start earning game achievements immediately, but a dedicated interface to let you view all of them will come later. Some Google Home/Assistant features like remote starting a game will also be available from the jump, but more features are said to be in the works.

Other features and announcements are forthcoming later. Buddy Passes, which let you gift a friend with a temporary Pro subscription if you bought the Founder’s Edition, will be coming about two weeks after launch. Google also doesn’t have a time set for when it will outline its lineup of Pro subscription games, but that schedule is said to be coming soon.

Finally, the Google rep answered one important question for those who regularly use a Chromecast for other functions like watching TV. What happens if someone starts casting to your Chromecast while you’re mid-game? The answer is you get booted out of your game, of course, but the Stadia servers will continue running your game for 10 minutes afterwards while you sort it out.

All this comes as Google has just announced its launch lineup of 12 games, with 14 more to come by the end of the year. Lucy Morris, developer of Stadia launch game Kine, recently told that some developers are hesitant to jump on board since they’re afraid Google could pull the plug.

Source: Game Spot Mashup