Halloween Reboot Sequel Starts Shooting, First Behind-The-Scenes Image Revealed

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The huge success of last year’s Halloween reboot ensured that the long-running horror series will continue for a while longer. In July, it was announced that masked killer Michael Myers will return for two new movies, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, which will shoot back-to-back. Production has now started on Halloween Kills, and star Jamie Lee Curtis has posted the first image from the set.

The picture is a behind-the-scenes selfie of Curtis as Laurie Strode, smiling but looking dirty, bruised, and battered–presumably from another encounter with Michael. The caption reads “NEVER SAY DIE! First day back in the battle for my life!” Check it out below.

Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are set to be released on October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021 respectively. They will both be directed by David Gordon Green, who helmed last year’s movie, while series co-creator John Carpenter is to compose the soundtrack once more.

Interestingly, the original plan for 2018’s Halloween was to shoot it back-to-back with a sequel. As co-writer Danny McBride told Entertainment Weekly last year: “We were going to shoot two of them back-to-back. Then we were like, ‘Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This could come out, and everyone could hate us, and we’d never work again. So, let’s not have to sit around for a year while we wait for another movie to come out that we know people aren’t going to like.’

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