Halloween-Themed Nightmare Update Coming To Call Of Duty Mobile

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Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile gears up for Halloween with the upcoming Nightmare event, which arrives on October 21 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. Activision has released the holiday event details in a new blog that showcases a new weapon, spooky modes, a new battle pass, and more.

Trick-or-Treat Event

Nightmare’s Trick-or-Treat event is vaguely detailed as an event that awards candy for completing in-game tasks. Earning candy grants event XP, which progresses players through event tiers for rewards.

Nightmare Battle Pass

As usual, the new battle pass will include free and premium items like more operators, a new weapon, and plenty of cosmetics. Most importantly, Nightmare adds a new operator skill and gun within the free tiers of the battle pass. At tier 14, players will unlock the new Tak-5 operator skill, which gives the ability to heal teammates. At tier 21, players unlock the Swordfish rifle. There are also a few cosmetic items in the free tiers.

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