Halo Infinite Advanced Tips And Tricks: 8 Ways To Be An Even Better Spartan

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Halo Infinite seems to have brought in a swarm of new and returning players, thanks to its design that both modernizes Halo while still feeling rooted in the classics that so many fans adore to this day. With that in mind, we’ve put together some advanced tips and tricks, meant to help you step your game up to the next level if you find yourself ready for more. If you’re still treading carefully, you may instead benefit from our Halo Infinite beginner’s tips, which do a better job of being your on-ramp to the free-to-play hit. If you’re ready to unlock a few next-level tips, read on.

Learn the run / slide / jump combo

Halo Infinite is already a fast game, but what if you could go a bit faster? With this emerging meta move, you can string together quicker movements anywhere on the battlefield, though it’s especially helpful when moving down a slope, even if just a slight one. To do it, simply crouch while sprinting to initiate a slide, and while you’re sliding, jump. This tactic is beginning to creep into multiplayer matches, especially ranked matches where players seek every advantage big and small, so you’d be wise to master it yourself if you plan on competing for Halo Infinite ranks.

Take out Drop Walls instantly

When you find yourself on the wrong side of a drop wall shield, it can take a bit of ammo before you’re able to engage the enemy’s armor and health directly. But there’s a trick to nullifying enemy drop walls very quickly. When you see one placed on the ground, rather than take out its patchwork of protective panels, aim for the metal device on the bottom of the shield. One hit to it will remove the entire Drop Wall immediately and allow you to not only hit your enemy head-on, but you may leave them stunned as to how you eliminated their defenses so quickly, too.

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