Halo Infinite Brings Back Old Trick To Let You Punch At Speed Of Light

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Now that the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has gone live, players are tinkering around with it and making all manner of fun discoveries, and this includes what looks like the return of a popular exploit. Players have discovered that the BXB/BXR trick, which lets you perform melee attacks in quick succession, appears to be supported in Halo Infinite.

A clip posted on Reddit shows this off in action. It looks very extreme, and the audio really amplifies the intensity of the exploit. The author of the post, CraftZ49, believes this will be patched out before launch, but it doesn’t appear that 343 has yet to address this. The fact that this is only being discovered now, during the second Halo Infinite beta, suggests that this was not possible in the first test back in July.

These types of exploits were featured in previous Halo games, including Halo 2 most prominently. It was never patched out of the game, and it became a popular tactic among groups of users.

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