Halo Infinite Dev Releases 60+ Pieces Of Stunning Artwork

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Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has shared a whopping 60+ pieces of concept art for the sci-fi shooter. Some of these images will be included in the upcoming The Art of Halo Infinite artbook, and others were planned for release by other means.

The studio didn’t actually mean to release these images. As Microsoft’s Joseph Staten says in a blog post, the studio accidentally included some of these concept art photos in the Halo Infinite beta test files, and this is what caused the studio to need to potentially delay the test. The studio was able to remove the files, and the beta is scheduled to begin on schedule today, September 24.

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“To be clear: none of these images spoil the Halo Infinite campaign that you’ll get to play on December 8th,” Staten said. “This art represents a wide range of ideas that we explored early in pre-production and that we planned to share at a later date, as part of Infinite’s pre-launch promotion and other initiatives such as the upcoming ‘The Art of Halo Infinite‘ from our partners at Dark Horse…. For a time, we used these images as loading screens for internal studio builds–and that’s how they accidentally ended up in the Tech Preview build.”

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