Halo: MCC Will Add Firefight To Social Games Match Composer In Season 7

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Season 7 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will make it easier for players to hop into a game of Firefight, according to a developer update from 343 Industries.

Specifically, Firefight is being added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s social games match composer with the game’s latest update. When Season 7 launches, players should simply be able to go to the social games menu and choose to search for a game of Firefight. Naturally, crossplay will be enabled for anyone that searches for a Firefight match this way.

Currently, 343 Industries is finishing up testing for integrating Firefight into Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s social games menu. Once the feature is ironed out, the developer hopes that the game mode, which currently has its own separate menu, will be easier to access for players. Additionally, 343 Industries claims that giving Firefight its own tab in the social games menu will “bring the Firefight communities between ODST and Reach closer, so they can all find more matches.”

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