Hasbro's New Ghostbusters Line Features The Best Toy Toilet Ever Made

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During the ’80s, Kenner produced a line of Ghostbusters toys based on the original Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Now, Hasbro is re-releasing select toys from the line at Walmart. This includes the greatest toy toilet ever made, Fearsome Flush.

The Real Ghostbusters Kenner line was known for some out-of-the-box figures, like a football player that turned into a ghost or a friendly old lady that turned into a ghost. However, nothing seemed more haunting to a child than a toilet that has the capability to eat you while you’re doing your business.

Hasbro sent us a few of the brand-new Kenner Classics Ghostbusters toys for us to check out. This includes the Ecto-1, Bug-Eye Monster, and of course, Fearsome Flush. Check out what you need to know below along with some ordering info.

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